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FAQ's - Please check our 'links' page for additional information

FAQ's - Please check our 'links' page for additional information

  1. How do I contact NapervilleWorks?

    Send an email to [email protected] or call 630-842-7634

  2. What is NapervilleWorks goal?

    Our goal is to create job opportunities for people with developmental disabilities and to promote awareness of the contributions these citizens make in our community.

  3. How can my business benefit?

     - More efficient use of workforce

     - Positive and free publicity

     - Decreased employee turnover

     - Potential tax benefits

    If you have hard-to-fill or high turnover positions, undone repetitive but important office tasks or highly paid employees performing entry level tasks we can help.

  4. What are the possibilities?

    Have you ever considered employing a person with a developmental disability?

    Businesses that successfully employ these workers end up with loyal, reliable employees with high attendance records.  When these employees do their jobs well, they take a great deal of pride in their work, so they are highly motivated.  Developmentally disabled workers can fill your high-turnover jobs and reduce recruitment and retention costs.

    Naperville School Districts 203 and 204 transition-to-work programs have about 100 young adults who are seeking employment.  All have some kind of developmental disability: Down syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, or similar challenges.  Vocational coordinators and job coaches support these students, with no extra cost to the employer.  Their work experience includes clerical, retail, restaurant, landscaping, janitorial, production and assembly, daycare and animal care.

    With minor adjustments to the workplace environment and/or the job description, you can accommodate a developmentally disabled worker’s limitations and capitalize on his or her strengths. NapervilleWorks can help you analyze your workflow, so that you can assign entry-level, high labor job tasks to this employee and free up your more highly skilled employees to do what they do best.  We can help prepare your supervisors and co-workers for what to expect from the newest member of the team, and our consultants and job coaches work with you and the employee to plan and implement job accommodations.

    When you hire a young adult from either of the School Districts’ Transition programs, you automatically become a NapervilleWorks business partner and enjoy the following benefits:

    Employee support through NapervilleWorks and the District 203 and 204 Transition Programs

    The potential for highly motivated employees who can do your high-labor work

    Access to an underused pool of workers in a future with a shrinking workforce

    Diversity in your workforce and customer base

    Free and positive publicity through NapervilleWorks

    Tax benefits

    Find out more about what NapervilleWorks can do for you!  Let us know your contact information and we will be happy to set up a meeting.

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